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Thanks for keeping this topic in front of people.

Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
Google transonic combustion for the next generation of fuel injection. Mixing air and fuel outside of the combustion chamber is a recipe for KABOOOM!!!!!!

Maybe you should start a discussion thread to see if we can foment action and build on the idea.

I went up to look at Transonic's Camarillo facility a while back. I agree with you that their technology is going to allow Internal Combustion Engines to compete much longer in the market place than naysayers would like to admit. In-cylinder emission control possibilities as well as improved thermal efficiency make the idea a winner. However, Transonic has not been able to leverage the idea into a rapid market penetration and profitability. This means their implementation of a heated injector tip will become soon available to all. Of course we can play with the idea well before that for our own personal benefit and for readers of the forum.

And you are correct that fuel mixing before the combustion chambers has its flaws. But not to any greater problem than carburetors and injection systems have.

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