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In Lean Burn Mode
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OK I posted that because I was having issues with my computer and didn't want to lose the information.

So as you can see "front end components" make up the lower boiler points and
"back end" components make up the higher boiling components.

Some interesting facts:

Front End components are use for ignition light off and help during cold start and are increased with winter grade fuel. These are very easy to turn into gas vapor. So there wont be to much trouble here.

Back End components are used to provide a higher energy amount (your great BSFC numbers come from most of the back end components) but are very hard to turn into gas vapor.

Some of you racers can relate to buying a 55 gallon of race fuel and accidentally leaving the drum unsealed during the off season. Then you go racing in the spring but the car is very lazy out of the hole, but runs fine at higher rpm. This is because all the front end components have evaporate during the winter months and your left with mostly back end components.

OK back to our vapor systems. So after talking to a few race fuel chemists and doing some reading I decided that pulling fuel from a fuel container utilizing a bubble vaporizer would most likely pull all of the front end components out of the container first leaving the back end components left behind. Now some of you said a carburetor is nothing more then a vaporizer in itself. I don't agree, because a carburetor pulls fuel from the main jet well first then runs through the emulsion tubes last while adding air from the air bleeds. So a carburetor using all the front and back end components and emulsify them together.

I also had concerns of a lean back fire that could possible reach the bubble container itself and result in a explosion.

So I decided to build my system to add hot air at 250+F .50 inch from the exit of the injector. This will only used at very low load, and during lean burn mode.
My goal is to only go after the front end and mid end components of the fuel.
IMHO I believe some of the back end components need to be there for boundary layer protection.

Now with all of this said... does my system work? I don't have a clue??? At this time I'm still in paint mode and should have some results later this fall.
Work or not I will let everyone know. My cost to build this was maybe $100.00
My labor well way more then I want to tell. lol
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