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Conversion: 91 Honda Accord w/ HHO

So anyways I decided to put the stimulus to some good use. Study'd up on how electrolysis works and decided to build my own HHO system to add efficency to my car, its the least I can do for Stan Meyer. But don't get me wrong, I hypermile like a mother****er, my friends call me crazy because I shift to neutral and shut the engine off and roll about a mile and a half into a parking lot. Right now im no big ecoist, I guess thats what i'll call you dudes around here. But doing simple math would show that im averaging 33ish MPG city. HHO is said to at minimum increase effencency by double, so I should average 66ish MPG city after the conversion, and performance shall improve!

I'm going to use 6 Cells, running off my car battery. Each should pull about an ampere.

I'm still in the brain storming stage, but soon I will be taking plenty of picks to post, tommorow im picking up all the supplys i'll need from a local hardware shop.


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