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The Classic: my 1969 Chevy CST/10 resto project

I know this thing could be the apocalypse to some die hard ecomodders, but this truck is my pride and joy (except for the very thin wallet).

Back in January of 07, my neighbor called me up to make me an offer. I go over to his house when he's out wrenching on his '67 Cougar XR7, and have gone off-roading in his 88 Toyota mini truck once, and he knows my love for classics (grew up in a bracket racing 11 second '74 Camaro, '78 El Camino, with a '50 Styleline sitting in the driveway for a future resto). He had a '69 Chevy CST10 sitting in a friends driveway that he was going to build up, but didn't have a place to keep it any more. Instead of selling it off for 2k, he sold it to me for $500 bucks. No engine, trans, rust only in the common areas, the truck is straight and in damn fine shape for it's age.

18 feet long, over 6 feet wide, and roughly 5000 lbs, it's no light weight, but it sure is purty.

So, pics of when I 1st got it:

And now as it currently stands:

A newly rebuilt 350ci V8 out of a 70s C10. I guy I bought it from had it in his Camaro for the past 20-30 some-odd years actually. It runs and sounds great, and it still pretty fresh from the rebuild. Stock, based off the block numbers, it had 260hp and 350 ft lb of torque, though you can reckon it's probably a bit higher then that. HEI dizzy, and a 4bbl Q-Jet carb. Power is spun through a rebuilt TH350 transmission, though nothing special about it. What is fairly special is that this came from the factory with a Dana 60 rear axle, which was extremely uncommon on the half ton trucks with a 350 small block.

For those not familiar with axles, the Dana 60 is one of the top-dogs of axles that were put into trucks and muscle cars.

Hopefully will be able to finish it by the end of summer. Trying to get a job and save some up, sell the Firebird for a few grand, and finish it off. Still needs power steering, a/c, brakes (and a front disk brake conversion), new shocks and coils all around (previous ghetto rigging the rear shocks with bolts to compensate for the sagging is just not cool), and some interior and rust work gets it to a good daily driver status.

Hope you enjoy


Lets see how far it can go

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