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A new problem...

For monitoring battery charge I use an 'EV Display' from Cleanpowerauto

EV Display - CleanPowerAuto LLC

The display goes bonkers when the controller is making power. The display is stable when the controller is not making power, but the displayed numbers for remaining charge are now rubbish.

I think this started when I reinstalled the spread spectrum software for the hall effect throttle. I had been using the 8khz fixed frequency until recently and hadn't had any problems.

I had tested the spread spectrum earlier and had not noticed any problem with the gauge so that leaves me confused. Paul did you make any changes recently other than the settings for the hall effect throttle?

Unfortunately It is hard to go back to earlier software versions to test because of wiring changes to the controller.

Paul please set me up a version of the 8Khz fixed freq with the hall effect values so I can test it with the display.

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