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Originally Posted by The donkey CRX View Post
I use a beaded seat cover and a "Tornado" fan that blows a strong breeze directly at my chest and head. I got both items on Amazon, but you can also
get the fan at a Pilot Truck stop for about $25. The beaded seat cover was about $33. It allows your sweat to evaporate as the air circulates between you and the seat. I guess that's why you see so many drivers in other countries using items like this.

I also turn on the fan in the dash on outside air (no A/C) to bring in fresh air since I also have my windows rolled up for aero.

This works great up to about 90 degrees outside and I am able to tolerate it up to about 98 degrees.
Do the beaded seat cover really help? Because right now I can tolerate ~95 with the windows up drawing in outside air before I have to either turn on the A/C or roll down the windows. If the beaded seat covers really help, I could probably tolerate 105+ without an issue.

Also, can I get a link to the one you have? I already found the tornado fan, but I would like to get that exact seat cover as well since it seems to fit your seat so well (I have same seats in the HX).


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