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I have never tried the "taxi driver" beaded cushions. Do those really help? Chillows is an interesting idea. It'd help on those days when I hit up work in the afternoons, useless if I go in on a morning shift.

As it is, when I'm on my own I don't even consider A/C. I used to when I was sick or had hangovers, but...even in those cases I no longer use it. I have found, as a native Californian transplanted to Texas, that it has the side bonus of helping me acclimatize to Texas' brutal summers which are both 5-15*F hotter and double to triple the humidity percentage compared to where I grew up.

If I didn't have a/c at home or wherever my destination is, though, I'd just die.

Incidentally, we had no a/c in the house I grew up in. And it worked well.

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