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Originally Posted by jedsmd View Post
The 12volt sending unit ground is connected to vehicle ground. The pack positive and negative are connected directly to the sending unit (and are isolated from vehicle ground). There are no dc-dc's outside of what may be internal to the gauge
Sounds like the pack is being grounded to vehicle ground through the remote sending unit. In the PDF they say that "If you need galvanic isolation between pack negative and your 12V supply ground, then you must use optional isolated DC/DC converter as shown on the wiring diagram."
If you have a spare 12v battery of some sort to power the remote sender independently of the vehicle 12v system it would prove if the isolation or lack of is causing the issue.

Maybe also put a meter between the pot box ground wire and its casing to see if they are internally connected. I would have expected there to be no connection between the hall sensor and the casing but you never know till you check.
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