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Cobb, I have read several articles on Cracked since the first one that I posted, but have not actually read the second one yet. I was going to, but a young lady was waiting.

One girl that I dated a year or two ago said that I am now a "bad boy," however, that seems to be all that she had to say. Everybody else says that it does not make sense that it happened to me, and so far, every girl has accepted it.

So far I have been asked three times if I was arrested for ecomods (or hypermiling). No, the only vehicle-related question they asked was if there was anything in my car that could injure them. That was very difficult for me because vehicles injure people all of the time and idiots injure themselves all of the time for no reason. He said "Sir, I need a yes or no!" He did not tear apart my car looking for rock candy or whatever and did not close his door on his head or anything. I asked what would happen to my car and they just said they would take care of it. That did not comfort me at all, but as I mentioned before, it cost $62.20 to get my car. I was just happy to get my car back.

They never said anything about my ugly airdam and grill block, although those do not create any hidden compartments. My forester does have a few in the trunk, just for the tools to change a tire. Again, I guess that if you do create any, you had better fill them.

Hypermiling was not involved, either.