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re insight for sale

thanks for the feed back you and svoboy are about the only ones to say hi or any thing,on here yea you would probably be beter off self insuring the book is probably what it cost to insure full coverage for 2 years , at least you have it to use now and my 88 crx hf is around the same wieght and I dont have any air bags just drive very awake and aware,thanks have a good week,

ps keep your eye out for a set of insight rims in good condition i am building some rear wheel skirts for my hf and they would look really neat, like a old school hybryd, have been thinking about a plug in drop down fith wheel also for when i get stuck in trafic somthing cheap like a 48 valt golf cart moter on a chain drive geared down just to go 15-25 mph in traffic. thanks, Paul
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