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??? Buyer ???

Here is a direct ( I edited some uneccessary stuff out ) quote from that 2nd E*bay listing. Now, I would agree that E*bay listings are terrible sources for technical information, but I've seen this same information in other places, including department of energy test data. Also, one of the three I own is from a Lexus, the other two are from a Toyota. If you lined them up next to each other, you honestly couldn't see a difference.


Donor Vehicle
Model LEXUS RX400H
Year 2006
Mileage 98099 Miles (0 = not available or unknown)
Stock Number AA0094
Store Number 1

This part will fit these makes and models with these options

HIGHLANDER 06-07 elec (hybrid), rear (4WD)
HIGHLANDER 08 elec, rear (4WD)
HIGHLANDER 09-13 electric, rear (4WD)
LEXUS RX400H 06-09 elec, rear (AWD)
LEXUS RX450H 10-13 electric, rear (AWD)

Ok, now regarding whether the controller will work for a 3 phase Permenant Magnet/ reluctance motor design instead of the 3 phase induction motor it's designed for? I don't know - that's Paul's responsibility. - LOL!

Just kidding Paul -

Short answer - the controller hardware is the same (except for the points Paul just mentioned - thanks, Paul!) , except for the motor position feedback, which is a resolver on the MGR. Translators exist, which is what I'm going to use for the first prototype. Eventually I want mine to run directly off the resolvers. I've got about 1/2 the code for that working. There are a lot of application notes out there from Microchip and other companies that will confirm this. HOWEVER, the code will be different because in the BLDC - type motor the rotor follows the magnetic field developed by the stator exactly. In the induction motor, there is a phenomenon known as "slip." Basically, the rotor lags the magnetic field by a little bit; this creates movement between the magnetic field and the rotor coils, which creates the stator's magnetic field.

To me, the BLDC type motor is pretty straight forward. The induction motor is pure black magic - voodoo. That one device puts Tesla in the beyond genius category.

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heh, heh, he.

e*clipse -- Thanks, I alerted my buyer. The Highlander Hybrid isn't on the compatibility list. I wonder what the differences are.

Will these work with the Open Revolt controller?

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