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Some quickee user-input (regen) thoughts:

We probably could do a wig-wag like thing like this: The 1st 1/4 of the throttle pedal depression goes from most regen > least regen > nothing. Then the last 1/4 > full throttle depression is least throttle > most throttle. You'd have to learn to drive with "coasting" being foot on the throttle. Also, if you ever took your foot off the throttle, the car would start full-regen braking. Hmmm, that could be bad, like downshift braking without intending it...

I think this could work unless regen requires some power to operate, in which case it may be a power leach when the car is not moving. However, it may be possible to do an override based on whether the car is moving or not.

Another method ( My Honda Insight ) Two different inputs, on on the brake pedal, one on the throttle. The throttle is straight forward. The brake allows the regen to work in that "dead zone" where the pads haven't touched the rotors yet and aren't doing anything. I would still want my brakes to respond quickly, like a normal car, so I wouldn't suggest an extended "dead zone."

Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Sure, if you use 1200v IGBTs, and 650v worth of batteries (or a boost converter on the front).

Hey, how should we do regen? In a perfect world, the throttle would be a wig wag, where you twist forward to command positive torque, twist backward to regen. But this is a crazy messed up world. So, what do we do instead? haha.
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