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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Hey, how should we do regen? In a perfect world, the throttle would be a wig wag, where you twist forward to command positive torque, twist backward to regen. But this is a crazy messed up world. So, what do we do instead? haha.
Paul, as there are going to be several people driving my EV i would like it to mimic the ICE setup as much as possible.

So when cruising if you start to lift the throttle there should be a ramp up to a level of regen that mimics the ICE engine braking. It would be nice if the amount of regen used to mimic the ICE engine drag was configurable to get the right feel.
Then just use a pressure sensor on the brake line to detect any pressure and ramp the regen based on that pressure so that a light pressure gives light regen and as pressure increases we get to full regen. Full regen on the brake pedal should be reached just prior to the brake pads engaging the disk/drum.
So the car would feel just like a standard ICE vehicle except you would get the benefits of regen (extended range and little brake wear).

That way we won't be fighting habits of a lifetime and for other drivers the vehicle will seem perfectly normal.

Edit: Also by only using a small amount of regen on the accelerator we avoid having to worry about managing the brake lights. The brake lights would still just use the standard switch on the brake pedal.

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