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These position sensors were mentioned in the EV tech list. The hall-effect ones are really bomber complete with a sealed connector! You can also specify what angle range you want them to work in. The ones I'm interested in are the RTY series. Yes, they're a bit on the spendy side ($40) but they solve all the problems reliability problems in one nice clean unit. You can also get them in a "wig wag" output format.

Check out page 5 in this document:

Here's the data sheet for the RTY series:

No, I don't have any connection to Honeywell.

So one might be able to do something where from 0.5V > 2.5V is either increasing or reducing regen and no throttle. Then from 2.5V > 4.5V is increasing throttle with no regen. It would probably be smart to build in a "dead zone" around 2.5V.

Are all the AtoD inputs for the microcontroller used up (the DSPic)? I mean, it might be nice to have an extra AtoD input for whatever silly thing the builder thinks of..

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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post

I should come clean. I only made a single throttle A/D input. I think that could work with a single throttle as you described. Or maybe you could flip a switch that would regen as much as possible? Like connected to the brake? Either regen or not regen?

Maybe zero throttle could be zero regen, and the first 50% of throttle is regen, where 50% throttle is zero regen, and *almost zero* throttle is max regen, but with a built in delay, so it wouldn't start to regen unless you wanted it to. So it would have time to drop throttle to zero if you wanted to coast without losing your momentum? Man, everyone hits the brakes when they want to slow down. That could take some getting used to.

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