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There is one more A/D. How would the brake be a variable signal? I've only heard of pressure switches, but not linear things, so more pressure gives a "more pressure" output. Are there 0-5v brake signal things? We would have to add a little RC filter, and connect to the unused A/D with a wire. Not a big deal.

The dang Index, QEA, QEB are hogging 3 of the A/Ds unfortunately. I had used a 40 pin thru hole dspic30f4011 because the tqfp or whatever they are called chips are hard for most people to solder.

I wonder if it would be mechanically possible for the brake to pull the throttle one way (regen territory), and the gas pedal to push it the other way.

EDIT: OK, I found a brake pressure switch. Basically a throttle. ground, 5v, and 0-5v as a function of PSI.
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