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Unfortunately, I can't find the book right now. One thing I do remember about it is that it was aimed at fairly low voltage ( 144?? ) DC systems. There was nothing about AC systems in it. I do remember the logic for isolating the high(er) voltage was exactly like you describe for safety reasons.

Regarding the motor, the motor I was referring to is the Toyota MGR. I guess you would call it a "3 connection" motor. Seriously; there are 3 power connections, not 6 or 12. The center of the wye connection is buried - right now I can't find it. There are no options for wye or delta connections or how to connect ground. I guess they assume anyone working on this isn't as knowledgable as an industrial person like yourself, so the fewer options, the better...

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Did the book give you any guidance on HOW to isolate the motor, controller and battery pack from ground, or how to detect when that isolation was broken?

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