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Ok, this may be interesting to folks:
On this Toyota MGR, there is NO conductivity between any of the phases and the case and/or the ground point on the case.

The resistance between any of the phases (measured with a Fluke multimeter) is 0.3 Ohms.

To be honest, I'm just looking for that star point as a matter of curiosity... I really don't want to re-wire this motor.

So if you - and I guess Toyota - think it's safe to build this way without a "fourth wire" to the star point (or center of the wye) then that should be good.

- E*clipse

Originally Posted by thingstodo View Post
OK. Are you still searching for the star point? It sounds like that's how it's wired.

What changes to Paul's software are required to drive the MGR instead of an induction motor? Anything hardware related?
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