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Originally Posted by e*clipse View Post
On this Toyota MGR, there is NO conductivity between any of the phases and the case and/or the ground point on the case.
That's Good!

The resistance between any of the phases (measured with a Fluke multimeter) is 0.3 Ohms.
What accuracy does the Fluke have? Can id display 0.31 or 0.315 ohms?

I guess most of the voltage drop would be from the inductance. What carrier frequency is Toyota using to drive the motor? Is it much different from the 8 Khz that Paul is using?

To be honest, I'm just looking for that star point as a matter of curiosity... I really don't want to re-wire this motor.
Agreed. It took me a while but I managed to read through your DIYelectriccar thread ... it's pretty heavy, detailed stuff ... so I MIGHT have skimmed a few sections Is that why I don't remember the thread discussing the carrier frequency?

So if you - and I guess Toyota - think it's safe to build this way without a "fourth wire" to the star point (or center of the wye) then that should be good.
I definitely think it's safe. But I'm NOT AN EXPERT! And I will try *REALLY* hard to remind everyone of that!
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