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HHO IS A FRAUD!!! I cannot believe that people still think you can get something from nothing. If you are seriously considering installing an HHO;
FIRST take a look at all the fuel logs on this site and and notice that a large large majority of those that stated "installed HHO" or something similar, did not gain any mileage. Some lost mileage, others may have gained incremental mileage however no more than anyone else "new" to hypermiling and making normal tank-to-tank gains.
SECOND do some research on the science. You don't have to look in to the science of an HHO too much before you realize that an HHO increasing FE is about as likely as a perpetual motion car....unless you believe something like that is possible.
THIRD if HHO was so great (something from nothing) then CNN, Popular Mechanics, Motor Trend, and Ford would be all over it and the inventor would win a Nobel Prize!
I hope there's a money-back guarantee with these things.

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You mean stan meyer the guy convicted of fraud? Stanley Meyer's water fuel cell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I'm not saying the HHO concept is wrong, I'm just saying you should be wary of the claims made by the people selling it.

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