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Those LEM current sensors all have a rectangular window to shove the wires through. A big wire, like a #4 welding wire's generally round shape would be a restriction. I haven't done the calculation, but there might be space for two square things of a given cross section, just not two round things.
Two possibilities:
1) Squish the welding wire into a more square or rectangular cross-section, so you might fit two, for example.
2) Use multiple smaller gauge wires in parallel, so the window can be more efficiently utilized.

Perhaps if this is too much work, we could try those inductive current sensors?

- E*clipse

Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
I can only get 1 loop around the lem with #4 or #6 welding cable, so I guess I have to be happy with a "lem 150". Although 8 gauge would work.
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