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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Bonjour, Toulouse! Bienvenue.

I agree - quite a fun collection of vehicles.

You are going to have a blast with the Insight -- and there are a few modifications you can make to improve its efficiency that are directly tied to driving (engine kill switch/"Forced Auto Stop" mod; clutch switch IMA-inhibit mod).

Keep us posted!
Thanks !

My brother was afraid about being bored driving the Insight, and now he has so much fun he wants to keep it ! So I think it will be fun.

Concerning the mods, I won't do them, but my brother is really thinking about it, and he is much better at modifying cars than I am.
I read about the clutch switch, I know what an engine kill switch is, but what is the "forced auto stop" mod ?

Considering the engine kill switch, I'm worried about safety, mainly considering power brakes.

Originally Posted by mcrews View Post

pump up the psi to 40+!!!
I already tried 35 on the Smart instead of 29 ; but for more, I'm still afraid about a loss of grip...
(I suppose that I'm thinking too much, for the kill switch and the tire pressure. )
But yes I should also put some extra pressure in the other cars too.
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