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I've been mulling over the external oil options for the motor. I have to admit, I don't have any experience with these, but it seemed that Toyota's solution (use the gears as a pump) was very reliable, but maybe not the most effective. I think Tilton makes an external pump, other than that, I'm not familiar with other brands.

It seems some sort of gear pump would be a good start; in fact I've been drawn to the "gearotor" type pumps for very reliable options. This leaves how to power the pump... can anyone see a way to power a pump from an internal PTO? If there was some sort of shaft-driven setup (like IC car engines) running off the motor shaft, power and lubrication would be very reliable. After all, if the motor wasn't turning, the oil pump wouldn't be either.

OTOH, there may be some nearly 100% reliable brushless motors . . for example there are some very interesting racing fuel pumps out there. Perhaps others on this list know of some options?

It seems once the issue of how to circulate the oil is resolved, the rest (of the cooling/lubrication) would be relatively straight forward.

Perhaps it would be possible to tease a little higher max RPM out of the motor with the controller by working with the field weakening and input voltage. Better cooling and lubrication would also help squeeze a bit more performance out. In other words, I think we have some options (that I certainly want to play with) other than just final gearing.

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It is the part I'd been waiting for since I saw that Oztralian Porsche part. I think it will be about matching the rear tire diameter to the aerodynamic drag of the vehicle. And maybe drilling and tapping for external oil flow.
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