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Originally Posted by e*clipse View Post
The Multimeter is a Fluke 179. If I measure a 1K resistor, I'll get a result like 0.997kOhms. A very low resistance like the motor windings is simply 0.3 Ohms.
OK - when a meter is down around it's least significant digit, the accuracy may not be very good. The resistance is likely between 0.2 and 0.4 ohms.

Regarding carrier frequency, one issue is simply audible noise. One way to avoid an audible whine is to move the carrier frequency above the human hearing frequency range, like 18 kHz or 20 kHz. (probably lower for those of us who went to too many rock concerts...)

Paul had a great discussion about a "moving" carrier frequency on the EV tech list. If done correctly, this can result in a much less annoying variable hiss - type sound. I would definitely say Paul is a much more qualified person to answer those issues.
I was wondering if you knew what Toyota has used as a carrier.

I had a thought about that while watching one of the Star Trek movies ... the low thrum that the sub-woofer shakes the house with when the enterprise is moving away from it's berth .... it would take a bunch of memory and perhaps some code to superimpose such low frequencies over the carrier, but NO ONE would complain that they could not hear my EV![/QUOTE]
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