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Originally Posted by e*clipse View Post
One detail that isn't apparent from the cutaway (because it's in the cutaway part) is how the oil moves in the system. It's a pretty important detail, because the motor is cooled by the gearbox oil. Basically, the oil is "pumped" by the big gear connected to the differential between the gear teeth and the gearbox case up into a small holding container. (cut away) The oil then dribbles down by gravity into other containers (cut away) that have holes to dribble oil onto the various bearings and gears. See that opening on the near side of the motor's shaft? The motor shaft is hollow, and oil is pumped (I guess) by the rotating shaft out holes in the shaft, where it sprays over the motor stator coils. That's what cools (or at least distributes the heat) from the motor.

So, if you plan to use this in a stock set-up, you ****have to***** run it with the motor forward of the differential. That's the only way the "oil pump" will work. In my Eclipse, I can do this in the front no problem, but I'm going to have to modify it with an external pump or something in the rear, because these will only fit "backwards."...

I was looking at the pictures of the cutaway housing and the complete housings. I can see how the large gear on the final drive shaft picks up the oil and hurls it up and over towards the intermediate drive shaft. I can also see the scoop/funnel that catches that oil and feeds it into the inside of the motor shaft.
So the problem is that if the housing needs to be mounted backwards due to space resrictions then its normal gear directions are reversed. Essentially the whole thing is driven in reverse. Which means the large gear on the final drive shaft rotates the opposite direction going down into the oil and flicking it forward off the lower edge of the gear. So no oil gets into the funnel bit of the housing and therefore no oil to cool the motor.
Hopefully that is a accurate description of the issue, if not then please ignore the following suggestion.

I was looking at the intermediate shaft and it sits so low compared to the other two shafts that it's gears should be making good contact with the oil. With the motor going in reverse the large gear on the intermediate shaft will now rotate in a direction where it will pick up oil and hurl it up over the top of the gear and forward towards the motor shaft.

Question: Would it be possible to dremmel out a section of the funnel part of the housing so that the oil splashed/thrown from the large gear on the intermediate shaft ended up in the funnel?

Edit: Actually i may have answered my own question. I saw some more photos on eBay from different angles and it doesn't look possible to go from the intermediate gear to the oil collection funnel. Oh well, maybe somebody else can figure a way of getting the oil to move without having to resort to an external pump.

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