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Lugging was much worse in carbs with an accelerator pump, which if you floored it, put the same amount of fuel in regardless of the engine speed. When done at too low a speed it was way too much gas and usually atrocious spark knock, which fuel injection does not really allow all the way down to idle speed.

My 37 Ford idle was 350 RPM. To check it you drove the car in top gear with your foot off the gas and it read 7 MPH, you were good. The engine was not "lugging" on flat ground at 7 MPH, but if you touched the gas pedal any more than just a smidgen, you were lugging. It was possible to pull away in 3rd from an idle but it took like 5% throttle to avoid lugging, which also restricted the accelerator pumps injection of fuel.

Redline on that flathead was 3800 RPM or 82 MPH in top gear depending on the rear axle ratio. That 37 weighed the same as my Fiesta, around 2500#, and the old flathead was maybe 217 cubes.
Good old torque monster.
No problem driving in modern traffic until you had to stop really fast!

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