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On the lube issue, perhaps an internal chain?
On old lathes, there used to be chains drooping into the oil pan. The chain itself would carry the oil up to the bearings. That may not be enough oil, but it might work pretty well to run a chain off the motor shaft down to a pump in the oil pan.

On noise, the main issue is a continuous high frequency whine - it's pretty much universally agreed that constant high frequencies are annoying. Starting at 60hz and up.
If the frequency can be lowered and varied over time, people start to **like** it. Look at peoples' reaction to IC engine noise. If the high frequency noise is varied over time, it can be acceptable - I've heard people say they'd like the Jetson's "car" sound. Also, sirens are required at certain events to warn people of the racecar - see the EV class at Pike's Peak. Personally, I find the sirens annoying.
I think it would be a great "hot rod" or "upgrade" for EV's to have a plug-in chip that allowed any sound you want. Jetson's sound? - ok Startreck Enterprise sound? - ok Old school hot-rod? - ok. How fun!
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