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Cool Hot-rodding the Toyota MGR

Some years ago I discovered the Toyota MGR, and thought "This has amazing potential for an electric vehicle drive."

The Toyota MGR is an integrated motor, gearbox, and differential that was originally designed for the rear drive of the Toyota Highlander Hybrid.

The sister-company Lexus, also made a version, the RX400h that was equipped with this rear differential.

The vehicles were available from 2006 to 2010, and the drives were also called "Q211" by Toyota, and can also be found by looking for "rear differential" and "rear differential carrier."

Ok, why bother?

1) They are a compact, powerful unit. They are rated at 50kW. (68hp)
2) Everything's included: Motor, gearbox, differential
3) All this weighs approximately 100lbs
4) It's possible to find used ones for less than $400, because no one knows what to do with them.

I'm starting this thread to provide as much information as I've been able to find on these motors. My intent is to actually get MORE than the rated power out of them, hense the "hot-rodding" name for the thread.

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