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Hi Paul!

Would you like to borrow one for testing?
Seriously, I think these are great little units, and I think the possibility of using Prius motors could open up with HUGE possibilities for the EV folks.

The MGR is bolted to the car with 4 bolts, two front, two rear. The threads and spacing makes no sense to me, I'll just give some dimensions later. Each output shaft has four bolts to connect it to a CVT. Again, I'll give some dimensions later.

The various versions of Toyota hybrids all use this type of resolver. The resolver's output is completely independent of the stator's signal. The resolver connector has 6 pins, 2 for the input signal, 2 for each pair of output signals.

Basically, a high frequency sinusoidal signal is injected into the resolver. I've messed with a bunch of different frequencies and waveforms. You can get away with a very NON-sinusoidal waveform if you're sloppy. The resolver's rotor is a semi-circular stack of disks that spin with the rotor. For this sytem, there are two lobes, but other resolvers may have four lobes. A device that looks a lot like the stator, just a lot smaller is used to inject and pick up the signals that are reflected back by the resolver's rotor. In essense, the resolver forms an envelope around the base signal, this envelope varies sinusoidally as the rotor rotates. There are two output signals, positioned 90 degrees apart. By comparing the magnitude and sign of the two signals, it is possible to figure out the rotational position of the rotor shaft.

Let me know if this helped or confused - I'd be happy to try again.


Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
I've got to get one of those. How do you attach it to the car? Are there only a few car types that would work for connecting it? Also, I forgot. Is the resolver signal only functioning while the 3 phases are getting their sine waves? Or was it eniugh just to manually rotate the shaft? And is there 3 lines that are sin(theta), cos(theta), and a neutral line that serves as the theta axis? So there is no 4th line that is the power supply for the resolver?
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