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Originally Posted by bhazard View Post
In my experience, the BP engine takes much better to a turbo build than a NA build. You can always size the turbo to keep out of boost at "normal driving" RPM.
Totally didn't notice someone replied to this!

That's what I've heard -- actually that the 1.6 prefers a little bit of FI as well, but it doesn't really sway me.

I'm looking to keep or add as much peppiness to the engine as possible and I'm not concerned with huge power gains.

While a turbo would be a good way to use otherwise wasted energy, it just isn't what I'm interested in for the car (I'm not anti-turbo! I promise!). The Miata as a whole package just has so much potential to be a FUN hypermiler but it also has so many things working against that. When it comes to Aero and Gearing I already have plans, which I've mentioned, but there's not too much more I can do in those departments.

That brings me to the engine. We know it's not INEFFICIENT but there's got to be a few things I can do to bring up those MPGs!
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