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I do a little EOC, and my box is lowered on the TRD lowering springs (1-1.5"). I'd like air suspension, but that would be fairly ridiculous (not to mention the added weight, and the engine having to power an air compressor-- I have an idea to ghetto-rig a system, that would be somewhat less complex). Realistically, I might get a set of Tanabe DF210 springs (for around a 2" drop) at some point when I can afford a set of springs and an alignment.

I have a cold air intake modified so that the filter is up in the engine compartment. It certainly didn't hurt, but I have been dragging my feet on cleaning the filter.

I have a little bit of cash to blow, and I think I might get a Scangauge. It'll only pay for itself, really.

Ultimately, though, what's helped me the most is simply slowing down. My commute is pretty easy (only two stops and three turns over 6 miles, mostly with 40-50mph limits), so I'm still slightly puzzled as to why my mileage isn't that great.

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