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I am still too chicken to do EOC. Driving <65mph and DWL give me great mpg. However, 40mpg is like a wall hard to beat without EOC.

Last tank, I've got 40.17. I hope I can keep it up. Hopefully, the good number is not caused by filling in different gas station. Let's see the end of the week.

The future mod I am considering is grill block, since whokilledthejams did a such good job on his xB. Scangauge..... The $150 is a lot. I am not sure how well my xB can go with scangauge. 45mpg without EOC? But, so far, I don't see anyone can do it with this boxy car without EOC.

Lower the car is a great idea, but how is the ride? The original setting is choppy already. Does changing shock and spring help? or getting worse since the suspension is firmer and the travel distance is smaller?
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