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5 Basic Aeromods: A-B-A Test Results

Hi All--

I just ran an A-B-A test on 5 basic aeromods. These are mods that pretty much anyone can do. The full test description is below. But here is the bottom line: by increasing tire pressure to 44F/42R, removing passenger mirror, adding full lower grill block, adding partial upper grill block, and adding coroplast wheel covers, I saw an increase of 2.65MPG (or 7.74%). I'll be away for a couple of weeks, so won't have any tank-fill data for a while, but will post results when I get them and info on how I did these aeromods at that time. Hopeful these basic aeromods will take me over the 40MPG/tank line!

Car: 2004 Accord, 2.4L, 4-cyl, A/T. No mods to start. Tire Pressure 32F/30R as per badge. Tank 3/4 full.

Course: 4.7 miles of divided highway. 3-4 low hills and some level ground. North (end) slightly higher elevation than South (start). Start and end marks were highway signs visible from both sides. No traffic.

Test Procedure: Drive to course: about 15 miles. Engine at normal temperature. Not sure if transmission was up to temperature at start of runs. For each run, accelerate to 60MPH (check with GPS), set Cruise Control, hit reset on SGII at start point. Observe/record MPG from SGII at end point.

Conditions: 6:30am start. Temperature 72 degrees. Foggy (and dark). 8:45am end time. Temperature 75 degrees. Partly sunny. No traffic.

(A) Runs. No Aeromods (1: S-N, 2: N-S, 3&4 Repeat):
Avg: 32.37MPG

(B) Aeromods: After 4 (A) runs, added the modifications (lower grill block, partial upper grill block, passenger mirror delete, wheel covers.) and inflated tires to 44F/42R. Took about 45 minutes. Did this work at a filling station a couple miles south of the start point.

(B) Runs. (5, 6,7,8)
Avg: 35.57MPG

(A') Removed aeromods and re-set tires to 32/30.

(A') Runs: (9,10,11,12)
Avg: 33.47MPG [Note: (A') runs were about 1.1MPG higher than (A) runs.]

Average of all (A) and (A') runs: 32.925MPG
Average of all (B) runs: 35.575MPG
Difference: 2.65MPG (7.74%)

Individual Runs:

1: A S-N: 30.6
2: A N-S: 34.1
3: A S-N: 30.8
4: A N-S: 34.0
5: B S-N: 33.3
6: B N-S: 36.7
7: B S-N: 34.5
8: B N-S: 37.8
9: A' S-N: 32.4
10: A' N-S: 34.6
11: A' S-N: 31.8
12: A' N-S: 35.1

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