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Thanks for the welcome. And also thanks for the back-up with what I am doing. It's great to know that I am on the right track and that others do the very similiar things and get great results.

CarloSW2 -- Less stress! how cool! It is absolutely true. The only time I feel stress at all is when some knucklehead destroys my momentum by doing something stupid, and we all know that there are plenty of them. Yes my DIC is giving my the correct info. The last two days I have been experimenting with gear selection on both up and down hills. I find that the one hill I travel on, when I go up the dic reads 13 in overdrive until momentum dies and speed slows then it downshifts and I go to 11. If I manually shift to 2nd (yes, thats right, 2nd) I get 13 even though the engine runs about 8-900 rpms faster. My suspicion is that with my engine, it has more HP at higher rpms and therefore runs easier and therefore more efficiently. Downhill I notice that the dic reads maximum if I am in OD or all the way in second. This verifies that the injectors are shutting down the fuel supply when the car is coasting. I'm going to follow this up with a bit more documentation.

Denis - We are definitely on the same page, and what we are doing really works. The more we drive and experiment the more ways we find to squeeze a few more inches out of each ounce. Today I got 29.5 on a 57.7 mile loop of combined highway (70%) and town (30%) and I got in no ones way. You don't have to crawl to get great results you just need to train yourself to be consistant with the things you know work.

Later -- Conner
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