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Turtle Allllrighty then

Yesterday was a good day, I learned that I forgot when replacing the plugs on an Avalon you need a plenum gasket. It is necessary to r&r the upper intake to replace the back three plugs. (Duh Grampa). Next weekend will see new ones on the back three.

so having been thwarted by incompetence, I turned my attention to the Geo front bumper cover. I began cleaning it in prep. for paint, got bored and began playing with Lexan. I made a really neat lens for the turn signal opening. I did not take pics. I wasn't sure if ti would work. But the result was truly good. IMO. Soo next one will have pics for those of you interested in seeing what a fool I can be with free stuff. I spent so long on the lens I was almost late for work. Clocked in @ 2:42. Gotta be onna clock by 2:45. Whew.

today i will be removing articles from the garage and putting them in the attic (where they should have gone in the first place). My former future son-in-law is on his way here to help. He thinks we're gonna fix his van. O.K. I'll help him with the van first, then, hahaha we'll move stuff to the attic.

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