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1994 Ford Ranger Project:Trixie

Hello and welcome to my journey into ecomodding. Back when i first received my licence gas was id like to say 2.89 or something it was right before gas companies hiked up the price and received record profits. Id say i was more about going fast rather than what sort of fuel mileage i was getting...well fast forward to now, I have started a family and started settling down rather than worry about go fast mods im looking to mod to save fuel and thus save money. And with that saved money hopefully start possibly building a "tiny house". Anyhow i decided on ecomodding my 94 Ranger whom received the named trixie after me jokingly being a smartass after a long night in the garage working on it.
When i purchased her

2.3L I4 RWD
manual 5spd transmission
and according to my door sticker i have a 3.45 rear end

I ended up doing a trade to get this truck its been beat to heck and driven back from the looks of it, but runs like a champ. she has 64k im sure there might be a 1 or quite possibly a 2 in front but the actual mileage only has room for 5 digits excluding the 10th. either way im one of those guys that mileage doesn't matter as i came from a family of volvo lovers myself included my wife even has one.(1988 245) so gas mileage obviously sucked with them being bricks and all still i plan on fixing hers as well once i get it running real nice; as we recently found out shes only getting 19mpg combined so that hurts being the family car and all. So hoping to start with the truck and hopefully things will trickle over and i can save money with both vehicles.

So far all ive done is incorporate some of the simple driving tips from this site, did the throttle cable mod as well as the ranger dual fire spark plug mod. and ive received a combined 24mpg give or take as its all a rough calculation since its my first reading. I mainly wanted a starting point to
go from i know i should of had more data but i have already done some other mods.

-Swapped in a cluster w/tach as going by ear is leaving room for human error

-removed my 75lbs bench seat in favor of x2 xr4ti buckets which weigh 5lbs more all together however i will probably only install the passenger side when needed cutting out 40lbs and i plan on doing other weight saving mods i.e. bumpers and such

My plans are changing with each day so probably a basic idea of what id like to do would be...
-get 30mpg constantly prefer better but i also use this as a work truck so mpg can range from when im hauling to when im just daily driving to work
-working on finding a tonneau cover possibly might just build my own
-debating if swapping to a body kit will be beneficial over the heavy bumpers
- for the rear im looking to remove the rear bumper in favor of a removable hitch, and roll pan
-also later on probably once taxes come in i will be lowering it

And thats about it im using this truck as a daily because i couldnt pass up the price of it and it will also be my drifting truck because im a fan of motorsports and being able to go out have some fun for 25$ local seems like a great deal as even autocross is 40$ without a membership

but thats it in a nutshell hope i can start amounting some fuel savings her shortly

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