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I still have not called Microsoft to tell them that I reinstalled Windows and it tells me to purchase a new license. Friends have told me they happily take care of that, but it is a minor inconvenience.

I had a shop pull vacuum on my AC and recharge it. I still do not know why I hear my heat shield rattle when I accelerate, but looking at a parts diagram for the Accord, it says to replace all of the washers. I never saw that for my Civic. Could that cause a leak that would interfere with my O2 sensor?

The Friday of Labor Day weekend I was driving out of a canyon when my AC blew hot. I looked at the engine temperature and it was high, so I turned off my AC until the engine cooled way down, which only took a few miles.

I was only running my AC because I was driving four hours to meet a young lady. She was worth the drive! I am not so sure about the saying on here about factory grills being designed for extreme conditions, specifically pulling a trailer uphill in Death Valley.

I was still an hour from the Phoenix area, and I was still at a higher elevation, so it was cooler. I was not pulling a trailer, but apparently my grill block, which is just a rectangle of coroplast that I screwed into the license plate holes, blocked too much air when I drove uphill!

That same canyon, but traveling in the other direction, a semi or something overturned. I could not even recognize it! Highway Patrol blocked off the road and traffic was backed up for several miles!

My ex-girlfriend had whoever changed the oil last install the Quick Valve.

Now she is leaking oil.

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