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Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
No, he's correct. It may sound counter intuitive but the apex is later in the corner if you want to hit the gas sooner.
The apex is where you hit the inner limits of the track. That is not the point where the radius is smallest, unless you do a neutral corner. If you get on the gas early, or late, the point of smallest radius moves one way and the apex moves the other way.
I think the problem here is how some people define early and late apex, it's common.

A lot of people (and what is happening here) describe early "turn in" as a early apex. They are not the same thing.

The apex of your line is not the same as the apex of the corner. If you early apex a corner you get the turning done (or most/more of it) before the apex of the corner. This straightens out the exit and allows you to get on the gas sooner. This is how you drive/ride something that has more power than lateral grip. Motorcycles (especially fast ones) and NASCARs for example.

To early apex a corner you delay your turn in (effectively "blowing it"). Then slow down a little more to sacrifice apex speed which allows you to turn in/more faster. Get your turning done real quick, straighten it out and dive hard through the corner onto the next straight bit.

In NASCAR is it called "backing the corner up". They apex early (before the actual apex of the corner) and then drive it down the next straight. backing the corner up means they are getting the turning done earlier. You will see them do this a lot at the shorter tracks.

If you are early apexing a corner correctly you will be hard on the gas as you pass over/by the physical apex of the track.

A lot of it is symantics. I can assure you in the racing community most people describe an early apex as turning before you get to the actual corner apex.
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