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Originally Posted by johnlvs2run View Post
The object is to not use the brakes, and to not wear them out.
Brake pads are cheap.

I've been down AZ89 from Prescott. According to the comments there's a 1355 drop (4400 to 3045 feet) in 8 miles, an average 3 percent drop, which I wouldn't compare to 7 percent around two 180 degree curves, and then a sharp 90 degree curve at the end of the second one. There is no way you'd be going 90 on those, not twice anyway.
I can't remember how much elevation it was (I'm not sure I ever knew really). In the description section it says 5000 to 235ft. It could be wrong.

[EDIT] I just looked it up. It drops 1735ft. We were hitting speeds well over 100mph coming down there. Couldn't tell you how fast in the middle of the corners, I was a little busy looking where I was going. Just for reference this is me riding:

Basically I'd like to know if letting the engine rev up in 3rd gear is okay.
No problem, that thing could spin at 3k for years.

Does your motor go full lean while coasting or is it still pumping fuel? If it is still pumping fuel maybe you can figure out what is less expensive, the pumped fuel, or brake pads.
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