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If I am reading your question the right way...Yes propane can be added to air and sent through the engine.
The catch is basically you would need to duplicate the entire fuel delivery system for propane so an extra tank , hoses and mixer would be needed.
Some modification would also be needed to restrict the volume of gasoline at the same time but given the electronic controls now in use this should be fairly straightforward.
These are already on the market for vehicle running on gas (not gasoline) products like LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) and LNG (Liquified Natural Gas).
IMPCO , among others , is one brand available in the US.

My own car is dual fuel. ie LPG and pump petrol (gasoline) and the LPG tank takes up most of the trunk.
The performance is about equal on both fuels but the maintenance is a little higher for LPG.
On the other had the costs are lower for LPG the unleaded. AUS $ 1.68 per litre for unleaded vs AUS $ 0.69 per litre for LPG.

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