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The curves you speak of, are those before, after or during your decent? Because if after, I advise caution using the brakes... Its better to heat the tranny a little using it as a brake, than superheating your actual brakes, making them either fail or to hot to work properly, and you going off a cliff.

I do feel bad for you though, when I drove 38 miles to work, there was a spot of about ~2 miles of 6% grade that I didn't have to brake on. I remember going 120+ a couple of times in neutral with the engine off and a tailwind. I only did that with no traffic around though.

Originally Posted by sqidd View Post
They will wear, but the wear ever time you use them. I highly doubt they will over heat and cause any issues. If that is a worry you could always add brake cooling ducts, they are very effective.
I used my brakes a couple of times when there was traffic and I had to keep my speed around 75. By the time I reached the bottom, they were so soft I couldn't make my car stop in a safe distance. If OP uses his brakes, I recommend you never let off once you apply brakes, superheating (leading to instant failure) of the brakes is when you release, and allow oxygen to make contact with the metal of the brakes. My dad did this once in a semi, and it almost killed him...

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