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Originally Posted by XYZ View Post
Two comments: Sailing through a stop sign at 15-20 MPH may get you a summons someday. You might save 5 cents worth of fuel, but on the day there is a waiting cop who is stealthier than you that you didn't notice, it may not be worth the fine incurred.

No automatic transmission will be damaged by coasting in neutral to a stop or a "near stop". That means you can safely re-engage into drive in first gear, at under 10 MPH. Rev matching at higher speeds may or may not be detrimental. There is usually no way to tell with absolute certainty. You may not realize it until your transmission needs to be rebuilt. The amount of $ you saved on fuel in coasting will seem a pittance compared to the cost of an A/T rebuild.
I rarely coast through stop signs anymore, it's just not worth the risk.

I will try coasting in neutral and report my findings on my next fill up.

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