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Originally Posted by PaleMelanesian View Post
In some cases, but not always. For example, Honda automatics will hold it in gear and engine-brake if you leave it in D. That's not coasting. When I drive the Odyssey, I'm constantly shifting D-N-D-N to get any real coasting.

Some vehicles' transmissions are programmed to go into a nearly neutral state automatically, like what you're describing. GM trucks come to mind from my experience.
Absolutely true. It depends on the design of the transmission, how rudimentary or advanced it is, and how the electronic programs (on more recent years) are monitoring and controlling what it does. Unfortunately, there is no practical way to discover all the subtleties of an automatic transmission until after you have purchased a vehicle and experiment with driving it.

I also agree that it is confusing to call coasting while in Drive "coasting" at all. But compared to driving with your foot constantly on the gas pedal, it probably is somewhat more beneficial.
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