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Sad about good MPG

So I was in a bind, and settled for yet another 2WD Chevrolet S-10 pickup, not my first. It's a red '87 standard cab short box with the only option being power brakes. Not even overdrive.
I replaced the shell with a plywood tonneau, and averaged 27.6 MPG. So I went hunting a good used airdam, ended up fabbing my own. Now up to 30.4 MPG. Now I just ordered 3" drop blocks for the rear, because of the black '89 I had. My blue '89 did 35 MPG, so that's my first target. Blue had a 5-speed however.
Sad is because I was having ideas about a high-pinion Dana 44 SFA conversion ( to 4WD )
The plan since I got it was a Ford Explorer rear axle, and a 2001 GM 4.8L V8.
Currently red has a 3.42:1 axle, and I changed the lube there and in the trans with 75W90 synthetic the day after I got red. I think a 2.73:1 axle by itself would get me to 35, but the Explorer axle only goes down to 3.08:1. I know I can swap 2.73:1 into that, but then I'd have no towing. It barely tows anything now.
Right now it's on 205/70R14s on 6s. The 2WD plan was 245/45R17x8.5s. But for this winter I have some 225/60R15s on 7s. Sure to hurt, but comparable to what blue was on.

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