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People (especially Americans) have become "sissyfied" in these times and complain about everything. I used to work in a very large Dealership and would see these kinds of people daily. They complain about the stupidest things and if they don't get a satisfactory response, they go complain to corporate headquarters until they can be pacified with money or something else.

I remember this lady who complained that if she held both her power window buttons in the "UP" position, the driver window was 1/2 a second slower than the other. The poor tech was told to replace motors, then regulators, then weatherstripping, and it came to a point the driver window became slightly faster, so we delivered it. Next day she came in complaining about it and said she did not want it till it was fixed right.

As a Team Leader, I decided to put and end to this waste of time and money and confronted her with the issue. I took her to the showroom where there was a whole line of identical cars. I made her try all the windows and they all had different results.

"Sorry lady, but these windows were not designed to be timed or designed to have the speed changed in them. Frankly, I think your complaint is not going to allow any more warranty repairs since there is nothing wrong with your car and we done all we could to satisfy your needs."

She ended up demanding the phone number for corporate from our manager after that. I have no idea what the outcome was of this, but I think it was one of the biggest wasted jobs that ever came to our team.

I have many similar stories like this one to share from my daily experiences and may start a new thread for that. It's just crazy what people are complaining about.
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