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VW pillbox... Is there any reason this can't happen? What would keep someone from centering the driver between the wheel wells of an old bug? The transmission tube? I'm familiar with the Kit Car scene, but not so familiar with how to actually modify the VW its-self. I know a few of you are really into the VW scene, so I'm hoping you can tell me what's up. Forget the construction of the body... I'm talking mechanicals only. Well, and cooling too... I'm not an aircooled guy, so tell me how hard it would be to cool with out increasing dag substantially

I mean a three seater stream lined bug would be amazing. And you could do it on a baja bug and maintain some modicum of usability on back roads and light offroading via ground clearance and belly pan armor


I'm really beginning to like eco-humor
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PS you could add hamsters inside for a 'bio-hybrid' drive.
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