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xB love - brick or not, it's the perfect urban multiuse car.

Just to throw a bit of general xB love into this thread where the blocky shape has been mentioned a few times as a detractor to pulse and glide . . . as a primarily urban car, I wouldn't have it any other way. I have hauled yard debris to be recycled in Berkeley, moved my girlfriend from SF to Oakland with her mattress on the roof, moved myself from Berkeley to Oakland with a number of trips with stuff tied to the roof and in the car, taken it to Burning Man with the rear seats removed for room, and can fit into parking spaces that many cars can't. And it seats 5 comfortably, earning it the nickname "clown car" with my friends who always count on me to cart them around the city.

The only thing that could make it more perfect as an urban car would be a few more ecomods, and of course if it were hybrid or electric. The Escape Hybrid is too big, as is the new xB. When are they going to make a small boxy hybrid or even diesel or diesel hybrid for the US market?? That will be my next car . . . not in a hurry though, as I only have about 36k miles on mine.

so, xB love all around!
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