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Originally Posted by EJ8CIVIC View Post
I have the lower part of the airbox.. if that helps u any
Close but no cigar. Might just need to see if I can find a Crv like mentioned, and grab that interior cabin filter tray too

I would really like to be able to have keyless entry which I need a stock head unit for and they are hard to find these days. Maybe I should check goodwill

So the condensor fan wasn't kicking on so went ahead and ordered a replacement on amazon. I also spent the afternoon cleaning out the egr valve and assembly. Car runs much better now just need to up the tire pressure to 5 psi over max and I'll be back to getting 38mpg mostly city driving.

Did I mention 294k miles? Garage kept by the previous owner at his work and then parked in the garage at home. Still has black rubber window trim that hasn't flaked off to chrome. Has hail damage on the hood and roof and of course the salvage title but I really take pride in saving this car from the gutter. Clean cars are so hard to find these days

My knock off front lip should be here tomorrow, yay. I tried to tint the back window myself however it just ended up too wrinkled around the rear defroster tabs and I wasn't able to get a clean cut while working it from the inside

So yesterday driving home at lunch I had the urge to check the plugs. Cylinder 3 when I removed the plug wire poofed dust and carbon in the air. The plug was not even hand tight and when pulling the rest of the plugs the NGk zr4f plugs had a gap of over .07 when spec is .044 I had gotten 34.3 all city with the ac on with these plugs so I am excited to see what I will get on the new plugs.

I went with auto lite xp iridiums 5244. I know I know they aren't the same heat range however they are not spec listed for the other civic models and are tied only to the hx so I'm hoping they are a hotter plug

I have not been able to get rid of the engine light for the egr valve, even after 2 cans of brake fluid down the intake manifold tube and an extremely clean egr passage on the intake. The valve may be completely shot and I'll need to spend $160 on a new valve

I also switched the car over to synthetic oil and used a k&n oil filter. The old oil while within the mileage range according to the dash sticker was coffee bean black. I didn't feel comfortable seafoming the engine as more than likely the oil filter was already filled with gunk, so next oil change I will be seafoming the engine with that k&n filter to collect the garbage that gets loosened up

Changing the oil I could only put 3 quarts in the car and the dip stick reads over full. The pan must be filled with sludge, but the valves and head seem clean when I inspected them
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