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I was going to bed thinking about this issue; I had succeeded in getting a "kinda" sine wave with the faster op-amp. It was more realistically a triangle wave with rounded corners. The amplitude was fine, close to 3V p-p.

This brought up a thought - you asked whether it had to be a sine wave. In this case, we're just talking about the carrier wave. Remember that basically the real output of the resolver is made of the peaks of the carrier wave. In other words, what happens in the middle doesn't really matter. So whether it's nicely rounded like a sine wave or straight like a triangle wave doesn't affect the output.

All that might really matter is that the inductor is happy. Remember that the resolver is made of coils - inductors - and inductors do everything they can to resist changes in current. So maybe those rounded triangle waves are ok, in that that the resolver coils will respond resonably well anyway. It seems worth a try.


Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Rule number 1: Things never work like you want them to (especially at first).
Rule number 2: Just when you get used to rule number 1, gosh darn it, something works. haha.

It sounds like you are getting REALLY CLOSE!!!

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