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Hey guys, I'm back! I just went back through and reread this entire thread, and it sure did put a smile on my face seeing how many people were inspired from this. I'm also overwhelmed by the almost 125,000 views of this thread!

So how about an update from me?

My main goal throughout this experiment was to use less fuel. My initial situation called for me to try to squeeze more miles out of a gallon of fuel using a very efficient motorcycle, and I was able to do that successfully. Many friends and family thought it was very silly what I was trying to do, but it turned out that I inspired some of them in the process, while worrying some others (they didn't enjoy the fact that i was communing on a motorcycle). Being able to inspire so many people, even if it just made people think about fuel economy, has made this journey all worth it to me. The fact of the matter is that I've made an everlasting impact on myself ever since I began this journey. I still, to this day, practice the same techniques that I've learned from this experience, no matter what sort of vehicle I am operating.

I'm happy to say that I'm still working at the same company as before and have made huge strides in my career. I am back on 2 wheels with the recent purchase of this '12 Triumph Tiger 800XC (average about 50mpg on it):

And my 4 wheeled steed is now a '11 Infiniti G37xS (22mpg average since I bought it):

While these 2 vehicles do not get great gas mileage respective to their types, I now live less than 2 miles away from work and I sometimes jog/run to work or ride a bike, so my fuel usage is drastically reduced overall.

I pop on these forums from time to time to check out what you guys are up to, and I've seen some really cool stuff! Glad to see some familiar users are still chiming in. Keep it up guys!
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