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You need to know your maximum and minimum heart rates, to calculate your heart rate reserve, then you can calculate the various percentages of effort. I seriously doubt you have been running at maximum, and 90% is a serious effort, not a recovery rate.

Maximum is what you get after warming up well, then running at increasing effort up a hill for 20 minutes or so. Minimum is the lowest rate that you get at rest, for example at night or the first thing in the morning. The heart rate reserve is the distance between them.

If your maximum is 180 and your minimum is 40, then your heart rate reserve is 140. A moderate effort is 70% of this, i.e. [ .70 x 140 ] + 40 = 98 + 40 = 138 = 70%. An easy effort is 50 to 60%, a heart rate of 110 to 124, depending on your max and minimum rates.

Most useful training for the heart is done at a 50 to 70% rate.
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